Thursday, December 2, 2010

100 joys.

If you haven't heard about Sarah Markley, you really should check out her blog!!!!  She is SUPER TALENTED and honest and inspirational and beautiful and enlightening and pretty amazing!  I have been following her blog  for quite some time.  Recently, I have been limiting my time online so I can focus on some personal growth, so  my younger sister actually told me about this!!!  Check out the details for yourself by clicking on the box below.

Today, I have found joy in a couple of simple, simple things.

1. Yes, heat.  Last winter about this time we had NO heat.  This winter, we are finding COMPLETE JOY in relaxing in our home without wearing layers and layers and layers of clothes and blankets!!!!  It is such a true blessing and HUMONGOUS JOY to have heat in our home.

 2.  Listening to the sounds of music in our home.  My husband is an excellent musician and I find JOY in listening to him play his acoustic guitar - it's so soothing and relaxing.  Now that the holidays are here, he's playing Christmas music and that makes my heart especially happy.

That's all I have been able to photograph this evening.  I hope you will find inspiration in the 100Joys project, and will join in the fun!!!!  It will teach us to savor every moment this holiday season, to pay attention to the simple things, to be present and enjoy each day, and open our eyes to what is important.

Joy to you all!!!!!
Janet! :)


BonnieRose said...

thanks for sharing this.. it sounds fabulous!

Mikal said...

Thanks for sharing the link.

My little boy is learning the piano and I told him I can't wait until he can play me a Christmas song. He's secretly practicing with his teacher... so cute!