Saturday, January 17, 2009

What talent?

The picture below says so much. It actually says SO MUCH, that I don't even feel like I need to write anything else after you see the picture (although I probably will). :) See for yourself.

This is another FAVORITE I purchased from Bradley's . I couldn't resist. THE SECOND I laid my eyes on it, I KNEW it was going to be mine on that visit! It could not have spoken to me more powerfully than it did that day. When I read it, I had to hold back the tears because I knew I was guilty of not using everything that has been given to me.

It made me question myself and I hope it makes you do the same. Are you USING EVERY talent you have been given? If not, why aren't you? You were given those talents for a reason. Are you one of those people who THINK they have NO talents? I USED to be one of those people until recently. I used to think I wasn't given an ounce of talent (well, besides making people laugh). I'm gradually discovering what my talents are and I hope you will begin the journey doing the same thing.

When all is said and done, I don't want to be one of the people saying "what talents?!" I want to use every talent I've been given. What about you?

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


There are so many things I'd like to discuss today. I'm sure I won't have time to discuss everything. I am STILL planning on blogging about the New Year and my goals and everything. But, it seems like there are so many more things I need to talk about right now.

I was going to write about the MANY friends I have that are still employed by my former company, Goody's. How it stinks, really bad, to see what the company has turned into. It was once a GREAT place to work, but after the owners sold, it gradually went downhill. Well, I can't even say it gradually went downhill because it took a huge nosedive, actually. I have been thinking about what each and everyone of them are going through. I was in that same position 6 months ago. They will be fine. They will survive. They will get through this. They will all be better off in the long run.

As I've been thinking about the situation and praying for all of them for quite some time, guess what? Mike was laid off this week! Yep, from another company in town. Rumors had been circulating for a while, but there weren't exact details of when layoffs would happen. The layoffs started this week. It's crazy. Mike and I have both been praying about it...realizing that he could be one of them that were cut.

He called me at work Wednesday afternoon. When I picked up he said, "are you ready?" I was said, "ready for what?" (I was absolutely clueless) He said, "I just got laid off." "Oh, okay" was kind of my reaction. We both have a strange peace about the situation. It's not the end of the world. Yes, unemployment doesn't offer the greatest pay or benefits, but at least it's SOMETHING, right?! We made it through my unemployment for a little over 3 months this summer, we can make it through this.

I was going through old emails earlier and came across one that I sent my very good friend, Mishael, during the time that I was unemployed. I wrote the following words: "so, we're really not stressing. it's such a weird, unexplainable feeling. we both feel a peace about EVERYTHING. not to sound too crazy, but you hear the saying that god has you in the palm of his hand. that is how i LITERALLY feel. i've never felt anything like it before, but the other day i was sitting, thinking about what is going on in our lives, how we SHOULD be freaked out, and SHOULD be nervous, and SHOULD be stressing b/c as we look at it, the future is uncertain. BUT, as i was getting ready to sit down the other day, i just literally felt like i was sitting down in the palm of god's hand, legs hanging over the edge of his fingers...he's holding us up, protecting us from all of the a bird protects her babies, spreading her wings out over them, not letting any harm come to them. it's a sweet, precious thing that i can say i have never ever ever ever felt before. it's pretty amazing!"

Like I said, we've both been praying and seeking God more than we ever have in our lives. It's a nice, peaceful feeling KNOWING that He is watching over us and is in control of our situation. If he watches over the little birds making sure they have food and shelter, how much more will he watch over us???

P.S. This is a picture I took while I was laid off and looking out my back window one morning.

Maybe I'll try to write more later.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today Mike and I had lunch with two of my great friends! It was totally spur of the moment, and it worked out that everyone was able to meet up at last minute. They told me to ask Mike to come along also. He wasn't going to go at first b/c he didn't want to be the only guy. But, they wanted me to assure him that he was MORE than welcome to join us. We're glad he did b/c he was able to take our picture. hahahaaaaa. Of course that isn't the ONLY reason we're glad he joined us....he's their friend, and MY ALL TIME best friend. :)

We had so much fun - catching up, good food, hilarious stories, lots of laughs, great conversation, and the list goes on. It was fun catching up after the holidays and before we all have to go back to work next week. We had a GREAT time! You girls are the best! xoxoxoxooooo

Oh, and I TOTALLY stole the title of this blog from the bestie in the middle. haha.

Happy New Year!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Counting Sheep.

That's what I'm going to be doing in about 10 minutes. Okay, so, I might only be able to count about 30-ish sheep b/c i'm exhausted. Exhausted from doing absolutely NOTHING today! I was planning on blogging about the New Year, but I'll be hopefully doing that tomorrow (or later on, 12-15 hours later today). :)
Chat with you soon!