Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simply inspired.

A few nights ago Mike and I went out to pick up some household supplies.  While we were out, I ran across these.

Of course, if you know me, you know I am obsessed with the color green!!!!!  Anything green, any shade of it, more than likely, I will love it!!!  I wanted the green coffee mug because of the obvious - the color.  But, I LOVED what the yellow one said!  I was torn on which one to get, so I got both of them.  They were on clearance too, so I really couldn't pass them up!!

I've been doing a photo challenge.  Taking one photo a day.  Reading one page in my camera manual a day.  And visiting professional photography sites each day.  The challenge is to improve my photography skills by 300% in one year.  I even started a photography blog for this very reason.  When I got the coffee mugs home, the photo shoot began.  I was so excited about it.  These mugs were beautiful and so photogenic.  :)  I was happy with most of the photos I took, such as this one.

 I was happy with the boxed photos until I opened up the box!!!  I was so excited!  Yes, they're coffee mugs and I had a photo shoot with them.  I've never even been a coffee drinker until a few weeks ago.  We were trying some new coffee in the office and I had to taste it - Chocolate Donut Coffee!  It was pretty tasty, but I'm NOW addicted to Caribou Columbian coffee.  Made fresh from the Keurig coffee machine.

Back to the story.  So, I opened up the boxes, and my heart skipped a beat and it also smiled.  There was a surprise.

First, in the rim of the B mug, it said "I believe in miracles"!!  Anyone who knows me also knows that this has been kind of my theme in life.  I make cards and invitations in my spare time, and "believe in miracles" is the quote that I put on the back of EVERY. SINGLE. CARD.  It's been my trademark, I guess you could say.  So, when I opened up that box and saw that in the rim of the mug, I was beside myself. 
The "L" mug surprised me with "It's a wonderful life!"  My favorite Christmas movie of all time.  And, it had an exclamation point at the end of the saying!!!!  Once again, anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE using exclamation points!!!!  NOT because I'm yelling, but because I'm sharing my excitement!  {If you ever get an email from me and I'm using a thousand exclamation points, I'm not mad, I'm just EXCITED!!!!}

As an added bonus, the boxes were wrapped with chocolate brown ribbon that said "simply inspired".  I thought it was cool because I ALWAYS welcome being inspired.  I love being around inspiring people, sharing inspirational thoughts, and reading inspirational blogs and books.....I don't think anyone can have too many inspiring people in their life!!!!!  Inspiration ROCKS and so does this ribbon......

 I was trying to be creative using the ribbon.  I wrapped it around our photo just for something different.  As I'm sitting here writing this blog, something just hit me!!!!  I want simplicity, inspiration and God to fill our cups to overflowing!  To pour over us so we can share and bless others!!!! 

I like this picture because the dark ribbon reminds me of a cup of dark coffee (even though I prefer lots of cream) or a cup of hot chocolate.  :)

I just wanted to share this with you.  I want you to be inspired.  I want you to remember that you can be tied up with a bow of inspiration.  You can stay stuck in your box with your pretty bow.  Imagine how many people need that inspiration and surprise that is INSIDE that pretty little box!!!  The only way to share that beauty and surprise inside that box is to open it up and share it with the world!

Has anyone told you that what is inside you is beautiful and inspiring?  Listen to them. They're telling the truth! 

Inspiration, you are welcome in my life!!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I NOW present to you.....2010!

I think 2010 is going to have LOTS & LOTS of amazing miracles and blessings!  These are just some of the things I want to accomplish in the new year!

Here are some of my top resolutions.  And, actually, I'm not going to call them resolutions this year, I'm calling them resolves!  I was going to call them promises because I don't like the word resolution, but I just read this blog post, and I'm calling them resolves from here on.  To sum it up...... 

        Resolution: noun. a formal expression of opinion or intention made.
Resolve: verb. to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)

 1.  Lose weight and be healthy.  What else would be #1, right?!  I know losing weight doesn't always = healthy, but I'm going to lose weight the healthy way with Body For Life.  It's a great program.  I want to be healthy,  feel better about myself,  and feel attractive for my husband again.  I feel like I've gotten out of control and I do NOT like that feeling.  I want to lose some weight before we have a baby....yeah, yeah, sounds weird, but I want to be IN SHAPE first.  Another reason is a little selfish.  I want to wear cute clothes again!  I want to wear girlie things like this and look SUPER CUTE in them!

or a cute little top like this one along with some super cute, great fitting jeans.

and, can't forget these......

it's not a matter of having these THINGS, it's a matter of feeling good about myself again and WANTING to look cute and be able to FIT into these things.  ....okay, the boots....they're an added bonus, I don't need to lose weight to fit into those beauties, i just want them.  really bad.  size 9 please.

2.  Which, should actually be #1.  To be closer to not only pray continually, but to read His word, study it, learn it, and apply it to my daily life.  I love the peace of mind that comes along with this also.  My heart is so hungry for God, but the day to day life has gotten in the way too often in 2009, and I'm resolving to change that in 2010.  For starters, I'm jumping into 2010 by starting the Beth Moore study on Esther.  I've heard so many great things about this study.  I'm attending this with women I don't even know and that's even more exciting to me - meeting new people who will possibly be some great friends too.

3.  Become the wife that my husband NEEDS me to be.  I think I do an okay job at this right now, but I want to be better.  I have my faults, trust me.  We all do.  But, my promise to my husband for 2010 is to strive to be EVERYTHING he needs me to be.  Wives, we're supposed to help our husbands, be their best friends and their MOST enthusiastic cheerleaders.  That's what I want to be and MORE!  I stumbled upon this blog   the other day.  I was browsing through the posts and the post titled The Role of a Wife caught my eye.  It is wonderful and I love her perspective!  I am going to work toward being a wife like this in 2010.

4.  Devote time each week to guitar lessons.  I have a beautiful guitar that not only looks great, but sounds great too.  I want to put it to use, once and for all.  That guitar has a purpose and it hasn't been fulfilling that purpose thanks to its owner.  Starting in 2010, I will have a weekly schedule of practicing.  I really wanted to get Mike to take a cool picture of me WITH my guitar, but honestly, I haven't had a shower today.  Nothing would look cool with me right now.  seriously. With that being said......official Martin picture is below.  :)

5. Create.  I'm going to work on a project at least every other month - something creative and artsy.  I'm stepping out on a limb on this one because I don't feel creative all the times.  The mood has to strike me in order to be creative.  I guess I'll pray that the mood strikes at least every other month.  ;)

6.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go to Brave Girl Camp!  Melody and Kathy are the amazing women behind BGC!  To sum it up, they are INCREDIBLE women!  Their hearts are 1000% into this and if YOU go, you will NOT be disappointed!!!!!  I attended practice BGC in September 2009 and it was incredible.  In 2010, I really want to attend the official Brave Girl bad as I want those boots!  

7.  Photography.  I want to spend time each week getting to know my camera, and learning how to use it to its fullest potential.  I heard about this challenge, and I really want to give it a try.  Take at least one photo a day.  Read at least one page in your camera manual a day.  View other professional images every day.  You can sign up at this link to join in the challenge.  The most difficult part of photography for me, is editing.  I'm just not a fan of it.  I know it's supposed to be one of the most fun and rewarding parts of photography, but it is the most time consuming and annoying to me.  I am going to try to embrace editing this year (or find someone to do it for me.....).

If you're still reading this, THANK YOU.  I know it was long, but I had to put this out there for accountability.  Because, now that this is out there, I have to do it.  I have to!!!  This is going to be a fun, amazing, incredible and miraculous year!  Celebrate 2010 with me!!!!!