Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It seems there normally comes a time in life when you just get fed up with things.  You have a light bulb go off that makes you realize you're not the person that you used to be.  You may have had it ALL together at one time, but little by little, so subtly, that started to fade.  Before you knew it, you've let things or people inside your, once beautiful, home.  They've come in and trashed it and now it's just a cold, nasty, old, trashed out house.  This happened without you even realizing it.

It's time to RENOVATE!  Get rid of the nastiness, the dirt, the junk and the grime that has consumed your house!  Make it your HOME again!!!

The first step is closing that front door.

Then, it's time to change the locks on those doors, change those grimy handles, replace that worn out frame.  Let everyone know that your home is going to be a safe place, a place of refuge.

This is the most difficult part:  you have to hang up that CLOSED sign.  Turn off the lights.  Don't worry, it's just temporary.  It's time to work on YOU.  Get your self-esteem back, your value back, rekindle your most precious relationships, and get that gorgeous smile back on that beautiful face!!!!!  Read some inspirational books, do a study, read your Bible (Proverbs is a GREAT book with SO MUCH wisdom!).  Dig deep.

Keep that sign on that front door.  If anyone knocks, it's okay to check to see who it is.  Only let in those people who are safe; those people who are going to encourage you, inspire you, cheer you on, stand up for you, love you, and those who will not steal your dreams.

You shouldn't feel guilt for keeping that sign on the door as long as needed .  It's YOUR house.  YOU have the key.   YOU have control over who you let in.  YOU decide how quickly or slowly the renovations take place.

When the time is right, all of the renovations will be complete.  You'll KNOW when it's time to gently open that door again.  Everyone will be able to see that light in your eyes again.  They will be able to see that new beauty radiating.  The view inside that front door will be breathtaking.  You'll be able to share your renovation story with everyone who knocks on your front door.  Pour them a glass of lemonade, sit out on that front porch and share that story.

It's your newly renovated property.  YOU decide who comes in, and YOU decide who stays on that front porch.

Enjoy life again!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You Have Me

As I was driving home from work the other day, I had a new CD playing.  My sister let me borrow it.  Gungor, Beautiful Things.  It's different and I LOVE that.  I'm a fan of being unique and different, and I think that's why I love this CD so much! 

Anyway, song 5, You Have Me, was playing.  My heart was so full and so overwhelmed with joy.  Listening to the beautiful music and lyrics to this song, teary eyed, thankful that God is ALWAYS there, ALWAYS faithful, ALWAYS good, no matter what circumstances look like.

 As I was driving along, I looked up.  {Do you realize how many times we probably miss blessings in our lives because we don't look up?!}  Well, I looked up and saw three birds flying around in the air in one spot.  It was different, though.  When I saw them, I felt like they were performing a song just for me.  They were there for me to see.  Nobody else.  The song that was playing, along with the way the birds were slowly dancing, slowly swaying, slowly gliding, slowly intertwining with each other....it was magical.  I don't know another word to describe it.  It was one of those moments in life that I can say I was TRULY CAPTIVATED.

              (While out and about in Destin, FL, on our recent vacation, I looked up and spotted these lovlies!)

It was beautiful.  My heart is happy and I can still see those birds putting on a show for me while listening to this song.......

You Have Me
out on the farthest edge
there in the silence
you were there

My faith was torn to shreds
heart in the balance
but you were there

always faithful
always good
you have still have my
you still have my heart

I thought I had seen the end
everything broken
but you were there

I've wandered heaven's gates
I've made my bed in hell
You were there still

You have me
You have my heart completely