Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today Mike and I had lunch with two of my great friends! It was totally spur of the moment, and it worked out that everyone was able to meet up at last minute. They told me to ask Mike to come along also. He wasn't going to go at first b/c he didn't want to be the only guy. But, they wanted me to assure him that he was MORE than welcome to join us. We're glad he did b/c he was able to take our picture. hahahaaaaa. Of course that isn't the ONLY reason we're glad he joined us....he's their friend, and MY ALL TIME best friend. :)

We had so much fun - catching up, good food, hilarious stories, lots of laughs, great conversation, and the list goes on. It was fun catching up after the holidays and before we all have to go back to work next week. We had a GREAT time! You girls are the best! xoxoxoxooooo

Oh, and I TOTALLY stole the title of this blog from the bestie in the middle. haha.

Happy New Year!!!!


Anonymous said...

geex, who are all those 3 hot chickitys?!?

JANET! said...

um, hello! if you're reading this, you should know. :)