Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby it's cold outside....and inside.

We are so blessed.  Sometimes I think that is a cliche' that is over used.  It is used so often that I think most people don't even realize what it means anymore.

This year has been kinda crazy for us.  So many things have happened.  Good and not so good.  But, Mike and I have grown so much this year in so many ways.  We have been tested in so many things....too many to write about in one post.  In all of our trials and triumphs this year we have learned one HUGE lesson.

Pray.  Believe.  Receive.
God answers our prayers through others.

The most recent events can be understood from this picture.  Mike will probably not be thrilled with me for posting this, but it's what I saw every night for almost 2 months straight.  And, I didn't get any pictures of myself during this.  (I love you, honey.)

Our heat went out.  We had our trusty heat/air guy come out and look at the unit.  Yep.  It was basically dead.  Had a mind of its own.  If the heat was turned on, FREEZING cold air was blowing out of the vents.  The cost of repairs?  More than we could ever think of having in our account.  We kept praying for God to make a way for us because as time was ticking the weather kept getting colder and colder. 

It was NO fun being in our house for more than 15 minutes because it was so stinkin' cold.  We had 2 space heaters - 1 new & 1 old - borrowed from family.  The sad thing is we could only use one of them (the new one).  The old one blew the circuit (that's another story in itself) when we used it.  During the day and evening, the space heater was in the living room.  At night, we moved it to our bedroom and kept the door closed to stay as cozy as possible. Sounds nice, right?!

Well, there were about 5 nights that it got REALLY REALLY COLD.  God performed a miracle.  Our heat came on 4 of those really really cold nights!  That was the ONLY time the heat worked in the past couple months.  No joke.  During this time, full gear was worn chillin' in the living room......sweat pants, 3 pair of socks, 1 short sleeve t-shirt, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, a polar fleece hoodie, and a scarf.  Mike normally wore his coat, 3 t-shirts, sweats, and socks and shoes.  Again, no joke.  It was flippin' cold!  Seriously, I even considered purchasing a Snuggie.......okay, NOT REALLY........  Every night, laying in bed, praying to God, through the tears, to hear our prayers and perform a miracle.  PLUS, I was getting really tired of heating up my toilet seat with the hair dryer!  I was so thankful for that hair dryer though - it heated up my clothes before I put them on every day, and some nights even heated up the sheets.

Heck, even our CATS were freezing!
Blossom sitting in front of the heater that blew the circuit.                                                                        

Biscuit even welcomed some covers on the couch.

We kept believing that God was going to do something.  We weren't sure what, but 2 weeks ago we received an email that said the check was in the mail.  We were blown away!  Seriously?!  Yes!  A miracle!  Sent from Heaven above from someone who is so kind, so giving, so selfless, so obedient, so angelic, so beautiful, so dear, so loving, so miraculous, and SO MANY MORE THINGS!!!!  You know who you are, and we CANNOT say THANK YOU enough!!!!  Thank you for being our answered prayer!!!!  We love you so so so much!!!  xoxoxoxooooo



Ashley Blankenship said...

What a great story. I had no idea, but reading that this morning brought me to tears. You and Mike are awesome, and very loved. Whoever this person is, they are incredibly kind and generous. Thank you for making me think about the little things that make me so blessed as well!

Chelsea said...

What an awesome, beautiful post. You are a fantastic writer. Thatnks for sharing this sweet story. Merry Christmas!!