Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday JOYS.

Did you check out Sarah Markley's challenge yet?  It's not too late!!!!!  The green ~100 joys~ box on the right side of this page will take you right to the challenge. 
3.  Today I wore my Brave Girl bracelet.  This has unexpectedly become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I never thought I was a 'chunky jewelry' kind of girl..........until I wore this bracelet for the very first time!!!!!!  The beautiful soul behind this bracelet is my friend Maria over at Chickadee Bead Art.  She is so talented and ALL of her creations bring JOY to my heart and a smile to my face.

 4.  Before Brave Girl Camp, we were all asked to send in a photo of our feet.  Yes, a photo of our feet.....we were all curious too.....wondering what would be done with these photos.  This lovely little pendant (with the photo of our feet) was hanging from our individual Brave Girl tote bags.  The other side has our name on it.  Whenever I use my tote bag and see the pendant, I feel JOY.  Seriously.  She did it anyway.....faced that difficult situation, enjoyed that wonderful day, got through the tough day, loved the incredible experiences, survived the difficult ones, cherished happy moments and made it through the sad ones.  She did it anyway.

5.  Hey, have you ever heard of Brave Girls Club???  haha.  The community of women from BGC are uniquely amazing!!!!  If you haven't visited yet, check out ALL of the great stuff that's going on over there!  I promise it will bring happiness and lots of JOY to your life!  Oh, you should also check out the Soul Restoration 6-week online course that is going on over there too!!!!!  It's going to be INCREDIBLE.  

 6.  My day today wasn't exciting.  Normally I'm in a mood to conquer the world.  Today - not so much.  Just kind of blah.  Nothing was wrong, I was just having one of those days.  On my list of things to pick up at Target was a bag of M&M's.  I wasn't planning on picking up the big (resealable) bag, but when it was cheaper than 2 small bags........   So, this evening we opened up the bag.  When Mike handed it back to me, I sat it down on the (edge of) table and this is what happened.  Jaw-dropped, I looked at him and said, "look what you did!  (snickering) didn't close the bag??!!!!"  His eyes were wide eyed and said, "I didn't drop it, you did." "I may have dropped it, but youuuuuuuu didn't seal it back!" We both just started laughing so hard!!!!!!!  As we were picking up the JOYous mess, I had to get my camera to capture this hilarious moment!!!!!  Believe it or not, this little incident made my was SO worth it!  (that's mike in the background picking up those little pieces of chocolate)  We picked them up off the floor and put them on the table.  Mike said, "what are you going to do with those?"  I just looked at him and smiled. 
......if any of you come over to our house.....don't worry.....we blew all the carpet fibers off with canned air......[laughing SO LOUD]

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Find JOY!


Mikal said...

LOVE your Friday Joys, and YOU! said...

Love Love Love that you love barns. Love Love Love that you love to fold laundry.......Me too!!! I actually love to not tell anyone. Laughing so loud. Your blog is so sweet! Thanks for the love you give!

Amy said...

Haha! Funny stuff!