Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend JOYs

 7.  There are so many favorites in this photo.  When they all come together, it is PURE JOY!!!!!!

 8.  I have this fascination with barns.  I LOVE them!!!  From what I hear, living on a farm is really hard work, but when I see a barn it puts me at ease.  It makes me feel like I'm home ~ I don't understand it because I've never lived on a farm or know much about farming.  It just makes me feel like I can run free.....that brings me JOY. 

9.  There is no picture for this one, but something that also brings JOY is re-connecting with old friends.  Mike and I were out and about this evening and we ran into an old friend.  It was so great talking, reminiscing, and catching up.  I hope we can continue to rekindle our friendship in 2011.

10.  Another JOYous moment may seem ridiculous to you, but I think it's fun.  You know when you're putting away the dreaded laundry?  Make it fun!  I love it when I'm sitting on our bed, matching up socks, rolling/folding them up, and acting like I'm a basketball star!!  I aim the rolled up sock balls to the open sock drawer.  When I make a "basket", I enthusiastically say "SCORE!!!!!"  It definitely makes putting those socks away more fun! 

I hope you're finding your JOY this weekend!!!!


LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

You are sooooo cute! I love your joyful list! Especially the pretending you are a basketball star with those socks!!! I think just being around you would bring ME joy. I know that being your bloggy friend and facebook friend brings me great joy too. You kind of like come through the computer screen and just make me grin! Now that is pure talent!

♥Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

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