Monday, November 15, 2010

freedom is calling.

about month or so ago i was on my way home from work on a 1/2 day friday.
i enjoy my drives home because they're usually stress free, peaceful, and full of beauty.
the scenic route is a road worth taking.
try it sometime.

the scenic route is worth taking because it's relaxing.
it gives me time to think.
it also gives me time to listen to music.
music is pretty much my favorite part about the drive home.
it awakens so much in my soul.

on my way home on this particular day, i was listening to Isa & Nina.
the CD i mentioned yesterday is currently my favorite.
song #3, freedom reigns, was playing.
{the word freedom is in my spirit SO STRONG these days}

 part of the song powerfully says -
♫so let the shackles fall
and let the bondage go
let liberty prevail
freedom reigns in this place
showers of mercy and grace
falling on every face
there is freedom.

...all you have to do is say yes......
LET victory prevail.

while that song was playing,
i felt something i haven't felt in a REALLY long time.
it was such a gentle, calming, peaceful, sweet, intimate moment. 
i heard the following words,  "seek my face. seek my face. seek my face!!!"

all of that brings me to this point.
i'm speaking of personal experience.
in recent days and weeks and months and years,
i have spent so much time on things that do not matter.
so much time has been spent being useless.

it breaks my heart when i think about how much time i have wasted.
time that has been wasted on -
watching tv
surfing the internet
being glued to facebook
running "errands" that weren't even important
being consumed by things on my to-do list
but, being too overwhelmed by things on my to-do list to do anything about it.

i spoke yesterday about being free.
today i'm going to let you know how i'm going to do that.
i'm going to get serious about spending time with God.
the creator of the universe and everything in it.
i'm going to get to know him again.

it means i'm going to have to take a break from the things i've wasted so much time on.
this is a HUMONGOUS challenge for me.

i feel like this is the RIGHT thing for me to do right now.
at this time.
i'm setting some personal rules and goals for myself.
it's going to be SO GREAT for so many different reasons!!!!

if you want to get in touch with me, email or text me.
if you don't have those 2 things, let me know.  :)

.....FREEDOM is calling......

(who knows.....i might be blogging more than before with this challenge....)

JANET!  :)


JANET! said...

I'm just saying - blogging ISN'T a waste of time. It doesn't consume me. I use it to tell my story and if that helps ONE person, it's worth it. :)

BonnieRose said...

I feel the same way.... with my blogging. Here Here Janet! hugs xoxox I'm gonna follow your journey.. u inspire me. xo

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog...helped me to get to know you. We'll have to get together & share. We'll miss you Saturday!!

Amy said...

Loved reading this! <3