Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my brave girl journey. part TWO.

i've tried and tried and tried and tried and tried.
the words aren't flowing.
part of my plan for this post was to go into more details about brave girls.
the words aren't coming.
i've come to the conclusion that you really can't put brave girl camp into words.
it's more of an experience.
we can share and share and share about it, but until you experience it, you can't understand it.
this is the ONLY thing i can come up with.
Brave Girl Camp:  The Experience.   :)

i DO want to share my favorite project from BGC.
okay, okay, so it's the ONLY project that i completed. {sue me.} 
it's my art journal.
it is so meaningful.
the best part about it is that i can write in it, create in it, doodle in it, paint in it, journal in it.
whatever i want to do in it, i can do.

i was asked this question - for you, what does it mean to be brave?
my response was, "for me, being brave means being free!!"
being free from all of the baggage that we have carried around with us our entire lives.
having the freedom to LIVE in the moment.
being free from insecurities that plague us as women.
having the freedom to EMBRACE our individual uniqueness and gorgeousness.
being free from junk that has happened in the past.
having the freedom to WALK in newness. 
being free from those naughty little voices that breathe lies to us.
having the freedom to HEAR truth! 
all of that baggage - get rid of it!!!!
say goodbye to it!!!
be free from it!! 
DON'T pick up that bag again.
take it to the nasty, smelly dump and leave it there!!!!




Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this post Beautiful! EXACTLY why I haven't done anything on my blog like I had planned. BG Camp is soooooooo hard to describe to anyone what it is or about.

Love and miss you more than you know!

Alison said...

I love your definition of Brave! You are right, it is an experience that is hard to put into words. Love you xox

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Miss BRAVE GIRL Janet, YOU inspire me. I LOVE the free sweet and brave spirit that YOU are!

♥Lee Ann

Mikal said...

"experience" is such a fitting word... I feel like I can't pull words to do it justice... but you did... a totally wonderful post about your time...

I love your book cover!

Anonymous said...

oooh Janet, i want to go!