Monday, November 24, 2008

Celebrate good times!

Over the weekend we went out to dinner with our best friends, Dave and Cristina. We always have tons of fun together. Dave is ABSOLUTELY hilarious! Cristina is such a genuinely nice person that anyone would enjoy being around her. Mike met both of them at work, and I'm thankful that we've all become the best of friends. Here's a picture of the four of us on vacation this summer. We had a BLAST!

So, this weekend we all went out for dinner at our ALL TIME FAVORITE mexican restaurant, El Mezcal. It was DE-lish, as always!! Afterward, we took a trip to Target, ALWAYS a "fan-fave"! Cristina found out recently that she is pregnant. With twins. Make that, twin BOYS. How exciting is that?!?? Well, Cristina and I were roaming around the baby section at Target and as we rounded the corner, we ran into a rather HILARIOUS situation!

(I am NOT kidding, this REALLY happened! And, the guys were REALLY serious!)

Cristina and I rounded the corner and in the aisle we heard the following conversation between Dave and Mike (holding some type of brush for cleaning...we were unaware of what it was until the following conversation took place).
Mike and Dave: Nipple brush?! What in the heck is this???
Mike: What?!!?? I didn't know you had to clean the baby's nipples. I've NEVER heard of that!
Dave: No, Mike!! It's not for the baby's nipples, it's for the mom's nipples after she's done breastfeeding!!!
They BOTH saw the wire-ish brush on the end and both said "Damn! That's GOT TO hurt!!!"

So, this is a re-creation of what we saw when we rounded the corner. It was a nipple brush, something that is used for cleaning baby bottles. There is a suction cup at one end, to stand the brush up on a countertop. Dave was trying to figure out what to do with it.
Cristina and I were laughing our butts off! Cristina's first words were "boy, do you BOTH have a lot to learn about having babies!!!" This was DEFINITELY a story that HAD to be re-told. It was truly a one of a kind moment with our best friends! Good times.
Hope you all find this as funny as we all did!