Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!

If you all know me, you know I am SO fond of Bradley's!  It's one of my favorite shops in town.  Every year, one of the big events for the shop is their Christmas Open House.  It is always amazing!  Each year, Joy finds more and more incredible items for her friends.  I call the customers her friends because she becomes friends with everyone who enters the quaint little shop.  She is such a sweet, genuine, beautiful woman who values every person who steps foot through her door.  Joy is just that.  A pure joy!  You won't feel like just another number walking through the door.   If Joy isn't there (which is rare), you will still be welcomed and valued in the same way.

 The images below are a couple of the pictures found on Bradley's Facebook page.
Look at this cuteness in the storefront window!!!!!   


I was so happy to see she was able to purchase more of these ornaments again.  I bought several of them last year, and will definitely be purchasing more again this year!!  (This is one of the ornaments on my tree last year)  They're simple, but the messages are so beautiful!  They could also be used as adornments on your beautifully wrapped Christmas presents.

Check out the fun stuff on www.shopbradleys.com.  Did you know that you can order some of  Bradley's DELICIOUS chocolates in all different shapes, sizes, letters, etc.?  For ANY occassion?  Just give them a couple days notice, and they'll take care of it for you!  (I recommend the dark chocolate.)

I'm not promoting Bradley's today because of any kickbacks.....there aren't any in it for me.  I'm promoting Bradley's today because:  1.  It's a great little shop that is FABULOUS!  2.  I want to see them have more success than they already have.  3.  They're local.  4.  It's an incredible treasure. 5.  Brad and Joy have values and integrity and it shows in everything they do!  6.  When you walk out of Bradley's with a bag of treats, you just feel good about it!  7.  And they have LOTS and LOTS of chocolate!!!

If you enjoy blogs, you should check out Joy's blog!!!!  You'll enjoy it, I promise!


Chelsea said...

What a perfect little shop! I want to visit Bradley's!

JANET! said...

You would <3 it Chelsea! Joy always finds the best surprises to put in the store! If you ever come through this part of the south, we'll go.

beachy keen girl said...

Wow - GREAT stuff! I need to "run" on over and check them out :) Those stockings are super cute.