Monday, March 16, 2009

Survey says!

Mike and I were at Target a few weekends ago breezing up and down the aisles. We heard 2 employees chatting it up. We had to stop and "shop" the dairy section just to eavesdrop on this hilarious conversation.

There were 2 guys talking. The older grey haired guy said to the younger guy, "hey, let me tell you one last story then I'll let you go." The younger guy hung around for a minute, but you could tell he was eager to get back to what he was doing.

Older guy: Let me tell you what I've been doing. You know those surveys you get in the mail that companies want you to fill out?
Younger guy: Yeah.
Older guy (in a sneaky, whisper-ish, secretive way): Well, where it asks how much money you make, I always check $250,000.00 or more.
Younger guy (amused): Really???
Older guy: Yeah, man. I also check off that I drive a Mercedes. I also check that I use ALL top of the line products.
Younger guy: Are you serious? What's the point of doing that?
Older guy (in a serious and excited tone): Man! The junk mail you get is SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I got junk mail a couple days ago with a 10.00 gift card for Ruby Tuesday!
Younger guy: But you're not telling the truth.
Older guy: Hey, they don't ask if you're telling the truth on those things. It's helping ME out.

Mike and I thought it was hilarious. It made us laugh, and the expression on their faces were unforgettable.

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