Monday, January 23, 2012

What are you waiting for??

A couple of weeks ago, a humongous blessing and miracle happened.
We were speechless.
I (no surprise) cried.
After I gathered my composure, I apologized for crying and said (with all positivity!),
"that's what I'm going to work on in 2012 ~ to NOT get emotional and cry like this!"
Mike said, "honey, don't say that!  That's one thing that I love about you, your beautiful heart!"

In all my life, it has always been difficult to share my heart without crying.
It is something I am sometimes embarrassed about, 
It's part of who I am.
When I was a child, I remember crying while watching Dumbo.
I used to cry at the end of each episode of the Incredible Hulk
when David Banner was walking down the road all by himself, in his post-Hulk clothing.
I remember watching a show on television about orphans in Russia. 
I will never forget bawling my eyes out after seeing the children who lived in the orphanages.
The children rarely received attention. 
Some were 4 and 5 years old and didn't even know how to walk because
there wasn't anyone in the orphanage who cared about them. 
They were still in cribs because the muscles in their legs weren't strong enough for them to walk. 
Some of the cribbed children would purposely hurt themselves
(to the point of breaking their own arms or legs)
JUST so a person would come to their temporary rescue and pick them up.

They wanted to feel LOVE.

Last night we watched the movie Soul Surfer.  If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it for the entire family!
It's an EXCELLENT movie of persistence, bravery, faith, love, inspiration, and family.
Bethany Hamilton is a pure example of drive, possibility, and positivity!  A couple of years after the shark attack, she went to Thailand on a mission trip with her youth group (after the 2004 Tsunami). 
While she was there, she witnessed the devastation, chaos, orphaned children, and despair.
She was overwhelmed.
She began to cry.
(I was thinking, "oh my gosh!!!, that's TOTALLY me right there!")

She acted embarrassed, almost ashamed that she was the only one crying. 
She didn't know how to process what she was seeing and experiencing. 
She apologized for it. 
One of the leaders of the group said to her,

"Compassion can drive us to do amazing things and give us perspective." 

That made COMPLETE sense to me! 

 In the movie, Bethany had compassion for the children in Thailand.
That compassion drove her to do amazing things and put things in perspective.
She only has one arm, but she
was able to teach some of children how to surf,
brought smiles to faces that had not smiled in a while,
brought love into their lives,
taught them that no matter what the circumstances are, they could all make a difference!
During the trip, she said,

"I could never have embraced this many people with two arms."

If she wasn't attacked by that shark, she would have never been in Thailand,
making a difference in these precious lives!

Your calling in life may not be mine. 
My calling in life may not be yours.
You  will touch different people in your life than I will.
I will touch different people in my life than you will.
You may believe differently than I do.
I may believe differently than you do.
You may have a different outlook on life than I do.
I may have a different outlook on life than you do.
You may be moved by things that don't move me.
I may be moved by things that don't move you.
You may have different challenges in life than I do.
I may have different challenges in life than you do.
We are all unique. 
Created by the Master of the Universe.

No matter your circumstances, experiences, skill level, talents, or location, 

What are you waiting for?

Make it happen!!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

I think I can, I think I can!!!

What could you do if you didn't listen to those little voices in your head that were telling you lies??!!!!
You know, these lies.....

That's TOO big of a project, you'll NEVER be able to finish.
You can't do that, you don't have enough money.
Well, you can do that, but NOBODY will ever see it or notice it or even like it.
You might make a little bit of money, but you won't get RICH from it.
There are more people out there who have more exposure than you do, this will NEVER fly.
Out of all of the fish in the sea, do you think anyone will give you the time of day?!

Guess what??!!!! 
Those are words that I have heard in my head!  They make you feel like you can't do anything.
I'm naturally a positive person who usually wears a smile, but these thoughts creep into my head sometimes too!  If you listen to those thoughts too long, you will go crazy!
I'm here to tell you that if you have ever thought any of those things, you are not alone!!!

Get MAD at that negative voice!!!  


listening to those horrible little voices!

Who else is going to do this with me?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello world!

...Seriously, if any of you can tell me how to adjust my header graphic size, PLEASE let me know....if I make it smaller, it goes off to the left and is tiny....I just want it to be a normal size AND centered! :) have I been?
At home.
Enjoying life.

Taking some online e-courses.....
Soul Restoration by my beautiful friends over at Brave Girls Club, Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins.
She Art Workshop by the lovely and always making me smile Christy Tomlinson.

Started a business. I've never considered myself a businesswoman. Ever. I have never had aspirations of owning a business. I have always supported my husband in different business ventures that peaked his interest, but when I heard about Norwex, I couldn't help but jump in!!!!!! Have you heard of it???? This is something in life that I am truly passionate about!!!! The products are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  The main products are the antibacterial microfiber enviro-cloths. What is different about our products versus ones you can buy in the stores?? Our microfiber cloth has a silver agent woven in that reduces 99.9% of bacteria! For example, you can wipe up raw poultry juice(gross, I know) from your countertop with these cloths, and it will pick up 99.9% of that bacteria in the cloth. Within 24 hours, 99.9% of the bacteria will be destroyed in the cloth!!! Yes!!! The cloth basically cleans itself, so to speak. There are videos on Youtube of the test swabbing done that prove the product works! I will post more about these products later. If you do not like using harmful chemicals in your home, stay tuned for my next post!!!!!!! You will NOT be disappointed. I promise. :)

Nurturing friendships at home. I cherish every single friendship I have in this life!!! There is just something about having a close-knit group of friends in your own home town. Friends you can visit with, have lunch or dinner with, laugh with, go shopping with, have movie night with, spend time with their families, etc. There's nothing like it. I'm SO THANKFUL and blessed to have finally been led on a path in life that has brought these beautiful friends and their families into our lives!!!!! MUCH needed and refreshing for both myself and my husband!

Of course, I've been keeping up with the day to day activities in life, too!, cleaning, working, laundry, etc....

What have YOU been up to???

CAN'T WAIT to hear from you!!!!!  :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hello everyone!!!!

Obviously. I've been a slacker. I CANNOT believe I have not posted since last year!!!!! So sorry!

I'm putting forth effort this week to let everyone know what's been going on in my life.

one of my friends posted this today. it's so true.


i think it's time to make some changes, friends. :)

see you all very soon!!!!

happy tuesday!!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tired and Weary???

Has 2010 left you tired and weary?? How about starting 2011 off with some restoration for your SOUL???!!! You (and your family) will be SO HAPPY you did!!!! It's NOT too late to enroll in the 6 week online course!!!! The best part about it is you will be joining women around the GLOBE on the same journey!!!! I mean, HOW MUCH FUN is this going to be??!!! Seriously, click on the box below and see what is in store.

Brave Girls Club

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

who is with me??

 Are you joining me on this 100 Joys journey????  It's only the 7th of December.  That means YOU still have time and can join me too.  On this fun journey of finding JOY during the month of December.  Don't let it stop after December is over.  Let it make you more aware of pure and simple JOYS in life.  every day. 

12.  "Do you want a tent?"  Those are the words that perk those ears up, that make her neck go back and forth like an egyptian (which makes us smile) and that make her peek under the blanket.  Yep.  I admit it.  I make her a tent with a fleece blanket on the couch waaaaaaay too often.  I think she likes it  because it makes her feel safe and keeps her extra warm and toasty.  

13.  The first day of Winter hasn't even arrived and I'm ready for this scenery already!  I don't miss the extreme heat and humidity, but I do miss being out on the water and seeing every shade of green you can imagine!!!

14.  Did you know that I find JOY in EVERY SINGLE SHADE of the color GREEN????????!!!!!!  Really.  I can't get enough of it!!!!!

15.  During the hot summer sun, I guess I enjoy a 'tent' from time to time too. 

I'm going to work on taking some photos tomorrow.  No promises, but I'm definitely going to try!!!!!  ;)
humongous love to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

the christmas jar

Okay.  I'm trying to make it to 100.  On my December 31st post, I might have 40 pictures to add.  haha.

11.  We didn't put up a tree this year.  We DO, however, have our festive "Christmas Jar".  Sparkly white mini-lights along with mini glass ball ornaments in a vase make a beautiful Christmas tree alternative.  It definitely puts a smile on my face just like that glass of Oliver Red Wine.  ;)